Experience a transformative journey towards inner peace and holistic well-being with our rejuvenating Online Meditation Workshop

Through expert guidance and immersive practices, you will discover the art of cultivating mindfulness, fostering a deeper connection with yourself and the present moment.

Learn ancient techniques tailored for the modern world, empowering you to navigate stress, anxiety, and uncertainty with grace and resilience.

Our workshop sessions are thoughtfully curated to accommodate beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, ensuring a supportive environment for personal growth and exploration.

Be a part of the community of like-minded individuals committed to prioritizing self-care and inner harmony.

Meditation Mastery is the most comprehensive meditation course on Earth.

This course won’t merely teach you to meditate—it will orient your entire spiritual journey, show you the direct path to awakening, and is designed to leave you convinced of your absolute freedom.
Superficial understanding of meditation and a lack of context about spirituality can lead to uninspired practices, fruitless attempts, and wasted time. This course pierces through the noise, offering both a bird’s eye view and step-by-step guidance. 

Accessible to all, with unprecedented depth and scope.

Meditation Mastery is for you if:

The only meditation course you'll ever need.

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Be the part of Meditation Community

When you enroll in this course, you’ll receive an invitation to join the Meditation WhatsApp Info group Here, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with fellow students, share your experiences, and reflect on your journey together.

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It’s a 30-day online meditation course that truly sets the gold standard for mastering the art of meditation and so much more. It uses meditation as a tool to realize your true self, also known as Self-Realization. This course explores and distills the essence of many different practices and approaches to spirituality, so you get exactly the tools you need to take your meditation practice and realization all the way. Dive into the wisdom of various philosophies and traditions that are distilled over decades of study, expertly curated and guided by Bentinho Massaro, a recognized authority in the realm of awakening and empowerment.

This masterclass covers 15 meditation methods and techniques, over 20 hours of content, and 7 guided meditations over the course of 30 days. This holistic, comprehensive approach to meditation and Self-Realization is divided into three 10-day sections, which include video sessions (ranging anywhere from 2 minutes to an hour), contemplation exercises, and guided meditations that provide a hands-on approach to apply what you’ve learned in the sessions. At the end of each 10-day section, you’ll find a rich Q&A segment and powerful moments for reflection and integration. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with the Meditation Mastery Community via the private Telegram group.

Meditation Mastery is an online masterclass, organized to ensure easy access, intuitive learning and meaningful interaction with the community group. You can enjoy these teachings at your own pace and in your own time, from the comfort of your home. The material is accessible through any laptop or mobile device with an internet connection.

This course is appropriate for all levels. The curriculum gradually builds on itself — you start with the foundations of meditation (including inner and outer form, preparatory attitudes, etc.), then move on to various meditation techniques and pointers to hone your concentration skills. Ultimately, it’s designed to take your practice further to a point that evokes a level of true Self-Realization. Even if you’re a seasoned meditator, you’ll fine-tune your understanding right from the beginning, which will allow you to take your practice further than ever before.

This course is designed to be followed within 30 days. However, you can go through it at your own pace. If you have to skip a day, that’s perfectly fine and you can resume where you left off. Some days will have fewer lessons and are meant to give space for rewatching and integrating the previous material.

You’ll have lifelong access to this course.

Yes, each video in Meditation Mastery has English subtitles available so you can follow along easily with what’s being said. Simply toggle them on or off.